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Briefings for the Atlantic and Pacific

The briefing page is meant for printing out most of the marine weather charts and/or the text forecasts created by the Ocean Prediction Center. If you have a slow connection it will take some time to download the graphics.

When using the print command try the landscape option to properly orient the charts in the Atlantic. The Atlantic and Pacific charts briefing packages will have the most recent charts. The charts will include the 500 mb analysis, surface analysis, offshore & adjacent waters sea state analysis, high seas sea state analysis, 24 hour Atlantic 500 mb, 24 hour surface, 24 hour wind/wave, 48 hour 500 mb, 48 hour surface, 48 hour wind/wave, 48 hour wave period, 96 hour 500 mb, 96 hour surface, and 96 hour wind/wave charts, and the 96 hour wave period. In addition the Atlantic and Pacific text briefing package will include the latest marine weather discussion, offshore forecast, and the high seas forecasts.

Atlantic Briefing:  Marine charts | Text Forecasts

Pacific Briefing:  Marine charts | Text forecasts